UBC Data & Analytics

Explore institutional data and analytics for UBC: fact sheets, faculty and department profiles, and more.

UBC at a Glance

Explore UBC by the numbers, including headcount by campus, faculty and school, program, and international students.

Okanagan Fact Sheets

The Fact Sheets contain an overview of the Okanagan campus, including information on students, faculty, staff, and operations.

Vancouver Fact Sheets

The Fact Sheets contain an overview of student enrolment, demographics, and faculty and staff data for the Vancouver campus.

Faculty & Staff Data

The Faculty & Staff dashboard includes data about paid and unpaid, full and part-time faulty and staff positions, as well as gender and age distribution.

Department Profiles

Contains key performance indicator data by Faculty (and Department where available). Access is limited to Deans or their designates.

Comparative Metrics

Relevant resources including: BCHEADset, Student Transitions Project (STP), and more.