Dashboards include Grades Distribution, Progression Through Program, Retention and Graduation, and Credentials Awarded.

Note: the following interactive dashboards are accessible at UBC only (or via VPN).

Retention and Graduation

Retention to second-year, and graduation within six years, for first-time first-year full-time students (i.e. those that meet the CSRDE standard). Filter by campus, faculty, and degree program.

Credentials Awarded

Number of credentials awarded, by student level and program type. See results for Indigenous students, female students, or students from a given country. Filter by campus, faculty, and degree program.

Grades Distribution

A report on student grades, by campus, faculty, department, and course.

This dashboard is supported by Enterprise Data Governance. For questions or feedback, please submit a ticket through ServiceNow or email

Progression Through Program (Most Common Courses Taken)

For students in any degree program, specialization, or year level.

Program Persistence and Mobility

For students in any degree program or specialization, shows persistence in or movement between programs, and graduation. Access is limited to UBC personnel enrolled with Enrolment management decisions