The following dashboards are intended to assist UBC personnel working directly on admissions decisions. Access is limited; authorized UBC personnel may request access through:

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Admissions Tracking Report

This dashboard is intended to provide a tabular format snapshot of the admissions funnel and how it has changed year-over-year.

Enrolment Management Reporting

These dashboards are designed for the EMC and how it looks at the admissions funnel at different times of the year. There is heavy overlap between this report and the higher level Admission Tracking Report.

Enrolment and FTE Update

This dashboard provides the Enrolment Management Committees and Executive with regularly updated information on headcount, course registration, and FTE, with comparisons to the previous year.

Single Year

These dashboards provide an at-a-glance summary of a single point in time.


These dashboards provide an overview of admission trends over a period of time.