These interactive dashboards contain data for all registered students as of November 1 (the first official reporting date of the winter session). Students who are taking non-credit continuing studies courses or programs are not included.

Note: the following interactive dashboards are accessible only at UBC (or via VPN).

Annual Enrolment Reports

The UBC Annual Enrolment Reports provide detailed information about incoming and enrolled students
system-wide and at the Okanagan and Vancouver campuses.

Program Enrolments

Enrolment by campus, faculty, program, subject area (headcounts and FTEs), filter by domestic/ international, new to UBC, or indigenous student. Views include data as of November 1st or March 1st (for Winter) and August 1st (for Summer).

Course Enrolments

Course enrolments (registrations or FTE) by campus, faculty, department, and student program, filter by domestic/international, gender, or indigenous student.  Views include data as of November 1st or March 1st (for Winter), and August 1st (for Summer).


Student Subject Areas (Specializations)

Users may select a specific subject (e.g. PSYC, CIVL, MATH) and see counts, and demographic and performance information about students specializing in that subject.