To create information and knowledge in support of the goals of the University of British Columbia.


Organization and Staff

  1. Reports to the Office of the Provost VP Academic and interacts with all levels of senior administration
  2. Associate Director, 4 research analysts
  3. Internally: works collaboratively with Registrar, Finance, Budget, Human Resources, Public Affairs, Research Services, Faculty Deans and Department Heads
  4. Externally: Represents UBC, where appropriate, at: The University President’s Council, Government Committees, U15 group of universities, Canadian Institutional Research and Planning Association, and other provincial and national post-secondary agencies (eg: Statistics Canada, BC Council on Admissions and Transfer)

Specific Functions

  1. Enrolment Planning and Forecasting
  2. Faculty Planning
  3. Academic Planning support
  4. Government reporting
  5. Collective Bargaining support
  6. Financial Modeling
  7. Internal enrolment reporting
  8. Inter-university comparisons and benchmarking
  9. Employment Equity reports
  10. Monitoring developments which may have an impact of Post-Secondary Education and Research
  11. Maintaining historical statistical trends

We also provide services in the following areas:

  1. Modeling the impact of the abolition of mandatory retirement
  2. The economic impact of UBC on the provinicial economy
  3. Departmental profiles
  4. Faculty salary market analysis
  5. Allocation of indirect costs
  6. National Survey of Student Engagement
  7. Survey of Graduates in the workplace
  8. Government performance indicators
  9. B.C. Common Data Set
  10. Demographic trends in B.C. and Canada
  11. Time to completion of graduate students (national comparisons)