Department Profiles

UBC Vancouver Profiles

The Profiles can only be viewed by those who have specifically been granted access, and are accessible at UBC only (or via VPN).

Faculty/Department Profiles

Contains data for Faculties for all years, and where available specific departments can be selected.

Faculty of Arts Profiles

Contains data for the Faculty of Arts, and its Departments and Schools, for all years.


The Profiles detail fundamental statistics for faculties (and departments where possible) containing measures on workload and expenditures for 2006/07 to the most recent year.

The Web Site

We are using the Tableau Business Intelligence Reporting tool to present the data. You can interact with the data by

  1. clicking on a tab at the top to select a given dashboard
  2. clicking on one of the filters at the top of each dashboard to select your faculty, or department, or a particular year.

Faculty, Staff, and Student Employees

The data is as of October 31st each year.

Faculty (Full-Time and Part-Time): There are dozens of job titles for academic appointments; these have been grouped so as to allow for sensible measures (e.g. faculty per fte would be calculated without including clnical faculty, sessionals, or librarians).

The groups consist of:

  • Professorial Rank (Research & Teaching) – which contains Tenure/Tenure Track positions, as well as term or without review appointments.
  • Teaching Only – containing Professors of Teaching, but also Instructors, Lecturers, etc.
  • Short Term Faculty – which has sessional lecturers, plus fellows and visiting faculty
  • Other Academic – everyone else, but primarily post-docs.


The data is as of August 1st and March 1st each year, with summer and winter session matching the fiscal year.

Headcount and FTE

Headcount comprises those students whose program is administered by the faculty. For graduate students FTE is shown on the same basis, but for undergraduate students we show the Course FTE, i.e. the FTE that is taught by the faculty regardless of the program of the student taking the course.

Degrees Awarded

As with headcount, these are the credentials earned by students whose program is administered by the faculty.


Note that historical expenditures in funds have been combined as the General Operating Fund in order to allow proper comparison of like-to-like.