Participate in the Post-secondary Employee Health and Wellbeing External Research Survey

UBC Bulletin distributed May 11, 2021

You are invited to participate in the new Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey (CCWS) for Employees.  

The CCWS is a comprehensive, voluntary and confidential survey that assesses the health and wellbeing status of staff and faculty in the post-secondary sector, using validated measures.

The survey takes under 15 minutes to complete and responses will be anonymous and confidential. Results of the survey will be reported in statistically aggregated form only, and it is not possible for UBC or CCWS to identify individual employees. The deadline is May 31, 2021.

You can access the survey at: 

Why is the CCWS Important?

By participating in the CCWS, post-secondary institutions can be better equipped to support employees, and increase their capacity to link research with policy and practices on campuses and beyond. Your wellbeing impacts your experience as a UBC employee and it is a significant priority for UBC.  This survey is one way in which we will monitor our progress in implementing our goals and values, as expressed in the following UBC plans: UBC’s Strategic Plan Shaping UBC’s Next Century, Focus on People and the Wellbeing Strategic Framework.

Why should you participate in the CCWS?

The Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey (CCWS) is a Canadian assessment tool to help colleges and universities collect the data they need to support faculty and staff  health and wellbeing overseen by a Technical Advisory Committee made up of Canadian post-secondary institutions and researchers. The questions consist mostly of measures used in existing Canadian health surveillance surveys.

Your participation will provide important feedback that will help shape the programs, services and initiatives that support you at UBC and beyond. It will also allow us to compare UBC employee experiences with those at similar universities across Canada. 

Please note that student employees are asked not to take this survey as they received the separate CCWS for Students survey sent in March.

Your data will be collected anonymously and combined with anonymous results from other Canadian institutions and stored in a data registry. Since data collected are anonymous, your data cannot be withdrawn. The data registry is solely under the custodianship of the Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey (Principal Investigator: Dr. Guy Faulkner, 604-822-2990) and may only be accessed through case-level datasets prepared by Canadian Campus Wellbeing Survey analysts for approved researchers and third-parties for research purposes (H19-02720). Data stored as part of the research registry will be encrypted and password-protected and stored on a computer in a secure UBC location.

If you have any questions about this project or how we plan to use the results, please contact the local principal investigator Dr. Stephanie McKeown, Chief Institutional Research Officer at More information about the CCWS is available at

Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide valuable feedback.


Marcia Buchholz  
Vice President, Human Resources

Ainsley Carry
Vice President, Students Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Lesley Cormack
Principal, UBC Okanagan