Enrolment Forecast


The following dashboards are intended to provide context for Faculties while setting intake targets for future years.

Forecast Program Enrolment

Includes overall trends and detailed information on Intake Targets and Actuals, and forecasted headcounts and normal load FTE.

Forecast Course Enrolment

Forecast counts of students in seats, with options to filter by Home Faculty and/or Course Faculty. Note: this relies upon an extremely large data set, please allow additional time for this dashboard to load and refresh.

Enrolment and Demographic Trends

Ten years of undergraduate and graduate enrolment history, and data about gender, age, and international Students (including Country of Citizenship).

Baccalaureate Retention & Graduation Rates

Retention and completion within selected baccalaureate programs; in this data, students who transfer to a different program are not considered retained.

Transfer Student Grades

Comparing the grades of internal transfer students, external transfers, and direct entrants.